Bulk Blends (NPK Fertilizers)

Our production plant in Bindura is responsible for producing bulk blends fertilizers supplied countrywide targeting different crops. We use only the best quality raw materials to produce the best quality fertilizer blends for your farm. Most of our fertilizer blends contain at least two of the macronutrients NPK as these form part of the nutrient requirements of most agricultural crops. Depending on the crop to be grown and the actual soil to which the blend will be applied, trace elements can be added so that your blend is able to deliver more to give your crop a great chance at producing the highest possible yield. Remember, we have the traditional bulk blends and we can also produce prescription blends for you.

Handling blends:

Avoid creating dust when handling and avoid all possible sources of ingestion.

Swallowing presents little toxicity, unless large amounts are ingested. May cause irritation, redness and pain following contact.

Store in a cool dry place, ventilated areas.

Use the original container.

Wash hands after applying bulk blends.

In the case of a fire, avoid inhaling fumes from exposed fertilizer products and obtain medical attention for persons exposed to fumes. Symptoms of inhalation include coughing and a sore throat.