Muriate of Potash (MOP)

This is one the cheapest sources of Potash (K). It can be applied as a top dressing fertilizer in crops that are not salt sensitive. However, for crops like tobacco, potatoes and tomatoes, this fertilizer is not ideal for top dressing as it has excess amounts of chloride. It is also used in blending basal bulk blends for crops which are not salt sensitive.

  N P2O5 K2O
Typical Analysis     60

Sulphate of Potash (SOP)

This fertilizer is used both as a raw material and in the field. It is used in blending blends for salt sensitive crops. However, it has lower potash (K) content as compared to MOP. It is a more expensive source of potash. As a top dressing fertilizer it is used again in salt sensitive crops where fruit quality is major profit determiner. Potash (K) is known to enhance fruit quality. The fertilizer also contains Sulphur and hence this becomes an ideal fertilizer to deliver a combination of Potash and Sulphur.

  N P2O5 K2O
Typical Analysis     50