Popularly known as the golden leaf, tobacco forms an essential part of Zimbabwe’s farming community with Zimbabwe ranking amongst the top growers of flue cured tobacco in the world. One of the factors that affect the quality of the leaf is nutrition. Superfert offers a range of fertilizers specifically formulated for tobacco to deliver essential nutrients in the right proportions.

All of our tobacco blends are made with a great proportion of low chloride raw materials. This ensures that the chloride content in our low analysis fertilizers is never more than 2%, so your leaf quality is not at risk of the negative effects of excessive chloride. This applies both to our seedbed and field fertilizers.

Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potash (K) form the basis of the major nutrients needed for this crop, along with Sulphur and Boron. The amount of Nitrogen applied to your tobacco crop by the end of the season depends on a number of factors, amongst them are time of ploughing, soil type and degree of leaching. Careful management throughout the growing season is therefore a must to obtain the best results. It is advisable to apply most of the nitrogen early so that less nitrogen is available after topping unless advised otherwise by an agronomist. Phosphate (P) on the other hand is used in minimal quantities, with more usually needed to cater for fixation – dependent on the soil type. Potash (K) is needed in high quantities and as such you will see this nutrient makes up a great proportion of our basal fertilizers.

Special prescription blends can be made to cater for your field’s particular needs with the guidance of a soil test.

Our range of tobacco fertilizers:

Tobacco Basal fertilizers Compound C 6:15:12 + 6S +0.1B (max 2% Cl)
Tobacco Bulk blends:·
10:24:20 + 6S (max 4% Cl)
6:28:23 +5S +0.1B (max 4% Cl)
Compound S Tobacco Seedbed blend
7:21:7 +6S + 0.1B (max 2% Cl)
Tobacco Top dressing fertilizers Ammonium Nitrate (34.5%)
Calcium Nitrate
Potassium Nitrate