Horticulture Blends

Like tobacco, most horticultural crops require low chloride content basal blends, as most are salt sensitive. It is for this reason that it is advisable to use a tobacco blend always for horticultural crops, in the absence of a crop specific bulk blend. In addition, top dressing fertilizers delivering the nutrient Potash should be either in the Sulphate or Nitrate form. At Superfert, we have Compound C 6:15:12 + 6S + 0.1B as a popular basal fertilizer for crops like tomatoes, cabbages, pepper, peas, cauliflower and potatoes amongst others. We also have a potato blend 8:18:24 + 5S + 0.06B + 0.4Zn which is specially formulated for potato growers. However, if none of these meet your particular needs, a prescription blend can be made for you.

  N P2O5 K2O S B Zn
Typical Analysis 6 15 12 6 0.1  
  7 21 7 6 0.1  
  8 18 24 5 0.06 0.4