Horticultural crops are amongst the most lucrative crops to grow in Zimbabwe and small scale farmers under A1 with irrigation, tend to grow these crops. Horticultural crops are however also very demanding when it comes to nutrition and spraying programmes, as both of these are intensive. Horticulture crops also require a great deal of attention from the farmer on a daily basis as missing just one day in the growing season could mean a significant loss in yields and profit.

Some horticultural crops such as potatoes and tomatoes require basal fertilizers with low chloride levels as they are salt sensitive. For such crops, low chloride fertilizers such as those used in tobacco production are used. In some crops, such as tomatoes, Calcium is of great importance so top dressing with Calcium Nitrate or Calcium Ammonium Nitrate will help to prevent against calcium deficiency related problems like blossom end rot. Another important nutrient to pay attention to is potash, especially for vegetables that produce fruits (tomatoes) or tubers (potatoes). For these crops top dressing with potassium nitrate fertilizer will help generate better quality produce.

It is advisable to fertilize horticultural crops based on soil test reports as these will give the exact nutrients required and increase your chances of getting great yields.

The table below gives our range of the fertilizers we normally recommend for horticulture crops. Remember, special prescription blends can be made to suit the needs of your farm.

Basal fertilizers Compound C 6:15:12 + 6S +0.1BPotato blend8:18:24 5S + 0.06B + 0.4 Zn7:21:7 + 6S + 0.1B

10:24:20 + 6S (max 4% Cl)

6:28:23 + 5S +0.1B (max 4% Cl)

Top dressing fertilizers Ammonium NitrateCalcium NitratePotassium NitrateSulphate of Potash