Cotton Blends

Boron is the most important micronutrient in cotton production. It is for this reason that our popular cotton basals contain Boron so as to meet this need. Boron, is essential in the growth of the plant right from the start, and more so during boll development. Being grown for its fibre, Boron aids initially in good square development and retention, boll set, and in the end produce strong quality fibre. Our listed cotton blends Compound L 5:17:10 + 6S + 0.1B and Cotton blend 6:15:12 +6S + 0.1B also contain the basic macronutrients NPK to satisfy your crop needs.

  N P2O5 K2O S B
Typical Analysis 5 17 10 6 0.1
  6 15 12 6 0.1