Maize and Wheat

The maize plant, though not originally from Zimbabwe is a crop of great importance in the country forming its staple food. Soil fertility is amongst the factors that determine the rate at which this crop develops and it is largely through the right fertility that this is achieved. Taking a soil test is the best way to decide which fertilizers are ideal for your maize crop, and most importantly to determine the quantities needed given your growing conditions and soil type for the best yield possible. It is also the best way to determine the quantity of lime required to raise your soil to an acceptable pH level for maize production.

Apart from the popular Superfert Compound D and Double D, we are also able to create a prescription blend based on your specific soil test results. Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash are the major macronutrients along with Sulphur catered for by our maize basal fertilizers.

The Nitrogen is responsible for giving the plant its deep green colour in addition to increasing the plumpness of the grain that is harvested. The yield of the maize plant is influenced by a number of factors, amongst them the number of plants per hectare, the number of cobs per hectare, the number of rows per cob, the number of grains per row and ultimately the weight of the kernels. Nitrogen plays a pivotal role in the grain filling process in maize, which results in heavier grain and ultimately increased yields. This is why it is essential to top dress with Superfert Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer at the critical growing periods.

Apart from the nutrients discussed here, a soil test report helps to determine other nutrients which can be overlooked such as Ca and Zn, which are essential and which in insufficient quantities may reduce your yield even when all the other nutrients are in the right quantities.

Wheat is produced as a winter crop in Zimbabwe and is another cereal of importance in the country. The yield of a wheat crop is determined by a number of factors, amongst them is the tillering ability of a given variety. Again, we focus on delivering the correct nutrients at the ideal level to get the most out of your harvest.

Our range of maize and wheat fertilizers:

Maize and Wheat Basal fertilizers Compound D 7:14:7 +8S
Double D 14:28:14 +8.5S
Cereal blend 6:23:23 +6S +0.1B +0.15Zn
Maize and Wheat Top dressing fertilizers Ammonium Nitrate (34.5%)
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate